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Civil FAQ's


1) Q: Will you pick up my paperwork to serve it?

      A: The Sheriff will receive papers for service if they are complete.  We expect payment for fees and mileage in advance.  We do not pick up papers, they must be delivered to the civil office.


2) Q: When is the next Sheriff's Sale?

    A: We post notices of sales in the municipality where the sale is to take place.  We also advertise in the local paper that has been designated as the official publication by the county for posting legal notices.


3) Q: I received an income execution from a Deputy Sheriff saying that I have to start making payments to the Sheriff within 20 days.  What if I do not?

     A: What you received is a result of a judgement against you.  If you fail to make regular payments in the amount required, the paper is automatically delivered to your employer.  Your employer will be required to deduct the amount from the gross amount of your check and forward the payment to the sheriff.


4) Q: I received a 72 hour notice from the Sheriff telling me that I have to vacate the premises.  What happens if I do not?

    A:The notice is advising you that after 72 hours you no longer have a right to remain on the premises.  There are many senarios but you are at a stage where the court has entered a Warrant of Eviction.  You would have had previous warnings and gone through the legal process to arrive at this point.  If you are not out by the required date, you will be removed along with anything left on the premises.





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