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Criminal Records

Monday thru Friday Except Holidays

New Hours of Operation - 9:00am to 5:00pm Starting January 17th, 2011

Phone Number: (315) 946-5790/Fax Number:(315) 946-5789

Criminal Records Fee's

The Criminal Records Office is responsible for maintaining all of the records generated by Police Services.  Arrest, Accident, Criminal Investigations all fall under the responsibility of this unit. 


All types of reports are made available to victims of crimes and insurance companies.  One of the most utilized report is Motor Vehicle Accident Reports. These reports are avialable for a small fee at the Records Office.  Interested parties may also use a credit card and search and purchase reports directly from DMV using this link.  Other reports are also available through Freedom of Information requests as provided for by law.  These requests are received through the Records Office and forwarded along with the pertinent reports to the County Records Access Officer for consideration before being sent out to the requestor. 

Pistol Permits

Records also processes all pistol permit, gun dealer and liquor license applications.  Pistol Permits were at one time a very small portion of the duties in the Records Office but has become a very large part of the responsibility since 2008.  The application process has been streamlined but has been offset by new requirements from the State and Federal Governments. The fingerprinting for pistol permits is done electronically through a live scan system and are immediately transmitted to the Division of Criminal Justice Services and a criminal history is generated the very next day.  In some instances, a reply is received the same day the prints were transmitted. In 2009, 678 pistol permits were processed compared to 2007 when only 283 were processed.  Pistol Permits were at one time handled on a walk in basis but as a result of approximately 10 requests per day, they are now handled by appointment only, on Fridays.  Brady Bill checks are processed in conjunction with the County Clerks Office.


Records maintains and updates all electronic messaging and communications with other police agencies worldwide through the New York State Police Information Network (NYSPIN) on cases reported to the Sheriff's Office.

Sex Offenders

The State of New York requires each jurisdiction to maintain a registry of Sex Offenders  within their jurisdiction.  The Records Office maintains this registry which is available for public inspection and maintains a verification list where assigned Sex Offenders check in regularly and update their photographs and current residence.  The updates are then forwarded to the Division of Criminal Justice Services.  This is extremely labor intensive.

Court Calendars

All prosecutions are not complete until the suspect has had his or her day in court.  Court calendars are generated in Records using dates provided by each Justice Court in Wayne County.  Once the calendars have been assembled, they are distributed to the Deputies, New York State Police and other agencies.   The trial notices are logged by Records and in turn given to the officer to appear on the date and time provided by the Court.  Requests for supporting depositions and other supporting documents are also processed in the Records office

Background Checks

Background checks are performed for individuals, local Housing Authorities, the military, or any other agency with written authorization and identification.


Warrants are another main part of the Records Division.  All incoming warrants of arrest are logged into the system and entered into NYSPIN.  A file is put together with pertinent information regarding the case.  Once Records has finished the warrants, they are given to the Road Patrol to execute. 

Statistical information is also generated by the Records Office and provided to other agencies and departments, to assist in any planned counter measures such as selective traffic enforcement or extra patrols.

NYS Accident Reports available directly from DMV.  ENTER HERE


The Sheriff is accepting Pistol Permit Applications by appointment only. See Press Release

The Requirements for Pistol Permits have changed slightly.  Download instructions HERE

Criminal Records Fee's

Copies of Accident Reports

$15.00 Cash, Check or Money Order

Pistol Permit Applications

Note: Fee Includes Photo, Fingerprints and Application

$124.25 Cash Only

Photos and Prints must be taken at time of application

Photo's of MVA's and Crimes


$7.50 each

    (All photo's are color and the entire set must be purchased)




$8.50 each

$12.00 each

$15.00 each

Digital Photographs

$5.00 each image

VHS Video Tapes

$50.00 each


Activities for the Criminal Records Office for the Year 2009


Total Calls for Service Received


Pistol Permit Applications Processed


NYSPIN Teletypes Sent


Money Received

$ 13,140.00

Pistol Permits

$   6,780.00

Records Checks Processed 


Accident Reports

$ 10,890.25

Accident Reports Processed




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