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Jail / Corrections Question and Answer Section

1.) Q. Is my son,daughter,husband, etc in Jail?

     A. We do answer this question on the telephone after checking to see if they are here.

2.)Q. How many inmates does the jail hold.

    A. Maximum Facility Capacity for the Wayne County Jail is 198 inmates.

3.) Q. What can I bring my loved one while incarcerated?

     A. Money,magazines,and three photographs. Everything else is provided or can be purchased thru inmate commissary.

4.) Q. How much money can I leave him/her?

     A. There is a fifty ($50.00) dollar a day maximum. Money orders or cash only. Receipts are provided at the reception window.

5.)Q. What time can I bail him/her out.

    A. The Wayne County Jail is open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

6.) Q.Can I leave a message for my loved one?

     A. We do not give messages to inmates. They have access to telephones from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm (collect calls only)

7.)  Q. How can I get an inmate to stop calling my house from the jail phones?

       A. Call the jail and ask to speak with a shift Sergeant. They can block your number in the inmate phone system.

8.) Q. How can I get a bail bond? Know any bail bondsmen?

     A. We cannot promote any particular bail bond company. People inquiring are referred to the yellow pages.

9.) Q How do bail bonds work, what do I need to do

      A. Again referred to the yellow pages for available bail bond companies.

10.) Q. How long will my loved one be there?

       A. If sentenced we can give them the out date. If un-sentenced people inquiring can contact the court in question.

11.) Q. Can I make a visit to see my loved one?

       A. Yes, you must call (315) 946 -5714 for an appointment and must be on the inmates approved visitor list.

12.) Q. What days are visits?

       A. Visitation days are Monday and Thursdays. You must call the number above for available time slots.

13.) Q. My husband/Son, etc.is in your jail. Can I get the house keys?

       A . In emergency situations they can be released (child or animal in the house) but otherwise all releases go thru the mail.

14.) Q. Can inmates smoke while in Jail?

       A. NO.

15.) Q. How do we bail out an inmate?

       A. We take cash and certified bank checks . We also accept credit cards for bail and fines.

16.) Q. What is contraband? What happens to the inmates if they are caught with it.

       A. Contraband is anything they cannot buy in commissary or is not issued to them by the Sheriff's Office. It ranges from cigarettes to weapons. Inmates can get keep-lock time (solitary) or loose good time allowances for possessing contraband. On the more serious cases of contraband they can even face additional criminal charges.

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