Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Office is a specialized subdivision of the Patrol Division. The office conducts criminal investigations involving juveniles, (those youths between the ages of 7 and 15) and is the liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and the local community.

The office provides various community services such as educational programs, working with the schools in Wayne County to educate the children and their families on issues of safety.

Some of the programs provided include but are not limited to:

Eddie the Eagle – A program to educate the youths in gun safety.
Bicycle Safety – Teaching children how to interact with automotive traffic and to ride safely.
Stranger Danger – Educating children about how to deal with someone they do not know.
Child Safety Seat Inspections – Working hand in hand with the Wayne County Health Services Department to insure consistency in how parents install their safety seats. New York State Statute requires the safety seats and it is the goal to prevent needless injury and death in traffic collisions
Bullying in the Schools – A program developed to teach children how to interact with other children.
Lost or Abducted Child Program – Fingerprinting children at the parents request to help make locating lost or abducted children easier to locate and to identify and to facilitate their safe return.
Juvenile Fire Setter – A program that works closely with the area Fire Departments to identify and correct children at risk for arson.
Driving While Intoxicated Education – The deputies work with driver education programs in the schools, speaking to the teenagers who are getting ready to drive, explaining the Vehicle and Traffic Laws to them. The teen’s responsibilities are explained along with the consequences of their actions.
Senior Citizen Safety – Explaining techniques to increase safety in their home and on the road and addressing other topics of concern to our senior citizens.
Neighborhood Watch – Bringing together neighborhoods to prevent and reduce crime.

The Juvenile Office has State certified Instructors for the Snowmobile and Boater Safety Courses that are mandated by the State of New York for new users. The office schedules classes in the community to fulfill the mandates of the state for operator education certification.

In 2004 the Juvenile Office processed over 120 criminal cases that were handled in Family Court or channeled through other programs. The Office processed over 200 cases where no crimes were involved such as harassments, domestic problems (runaways, Persons in Need of Supervision, and emotionally disturbed persons), which were handled in house, with the parents or referred to other appropriate agencies.

The Juvenile Office serves as the agent of the Sheriff for youths that are remanded to the custody of the Sheriff by the courts. They handle the transportation of the youths to the various secure and non-secure detention facilities throughout the State of New York. The Office assures that youths that are remanded are brought back to the county and appear in court at the prescribed time and make all scheduled appointments while in the custody of the Sheriff. Last year the officers traveled over 22,000 miles fulfilling this task.