Deputy Norman VanDeusen


Norm, "Deusy", "Stormin' Norman" was a legend at the Sheriff's Office. After leaving the Airforce and working for the Town, he was hired on February 1, 1958, Norm worked in the old Butternut Jail, now occupied by the Museum of Wayne County History.  A Wayne County resident all of his life, Norm always lived "in the East" in the part of Wayne County that fit his rural lifestyle.  Everyone knew that they could talk to Norm on a personal level and he performed community policing long before it became politically correct.

Norm left the office for a very short while and returned to finish his career here before retiring in 1991.  Norm was an avid hunter and raised wild turkeys and coon hounds.  He was proud of the fact that he had been recognized by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for his project to restore habitat on his farm and the wetlands around it. 

A member of the American Chestnut Foundation, Norm worked with breeders across the nation to restore the American Chestnut to it's original habitat and to breed a blight resistant tree.

After retirement, Norm ran for public office and became Town Justice in Butler.

Norm will be missed by all.




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