Recreational Safety

Marine • Snowmobile • ATV • Motorcycle

marineWayne County Office of Sheriff Recreation Safety Division is supervised by Sgt. Steven Mitchell and consist of four units, Marine, Snowmobile, ATV and Motorcycle.

The Sheriff’s Marine Patrol has three boats, a 27′ 1989 Boston Whaler Challenger, 22′ 1998 Zodiac Hurricane and a 19′ 1997 Penn Yan and a Personal Watercraft(PWC) which was acquired through the manufactures government loan program. In which to cover approximately 875 square miles of Lake Ontario including 36 miles of shore line, Sodus Bay, Port Bay, Blind Sodus Bay, East Bay and 35 miles of the Erie Canal.

The Sheriff is the Harbor Master by law, and because of that responsibility, the Marine Unit patrols the waters of Wayne County. Wayne County covers approximately 875 square miles of Lake Ontario that also includes 36 miles of shoreline, Sodus Bay, Port Bay, Blind Sodus Bay, East Bay and 35 miles of the Erie Canal. The Sheriff’s Office responds to various calls for service that include but are not limited to, disabled boaters, boats in distress, hazardous conditions, speed and noise complaints, and boating accidents, and is responsible for enforcement of the Navigation Laws of New York State. The Unit is active in Boater Safety Education and works with other members of the department to promote community service programs to enhance the boating experience.

The Marine Patrol is also an active participant in Home Land Security working closely with U.S. Customs, Border Patrol, U.S Coast Guard, and their Auxiliary. The Unit is also a critical part of the emergency response plan to comply with the various State and Federal regulations regulating the operation of the R.E. Ginna Nuclear Power plant located within the county.

Fifty to seventy percent of the Marine Patrol budget is reimbursed by the state for registration fees paid by boaters.

The Sheriff’s Snowmobile Patrol has 2 Ski Doo MXZ sleds to patrol the hundreds of miles of trails in Wayne County, ensuring that the snowmobiling public can enjoy themselves safely.

The Snowmobile patrol works closely with the snowmobile clubs to make the trails as safe as possible. We also offer Safe Snowmobiling Classes and courteous inspection of snowmobiles.

Wayne County is located on the southern border of Lake Ontario that has many inlets and bays. The County has many places that are enjoyed as vacation spots and as a result, it has many vacation and seasonal homes. The Snowmobile Patrol is active in checking those homes when they have limited access during the winter months so that all will be well when the owners return in the spring.

The Sheriff’s ATV Patrol has a Suzuki Quadrunner which is used to patrol trails within the county, special events and to assist deputies respond to complaints in remote areas, such as hunting and logging accidents and man hunts.

The Sheriff’s Motorcycle Patrol has a 1997 BMW which was donated to the department by Country Rode Motorsports after being traded in by the California Highway Patrol and reconditioned by BMW. The motorcycle is only used for special events, parades, funerals and motorcycle events