NY SAFE ACT Information

In January, the New York Legislature passed what is commonly known as "The NY SAFE Act".  This law has caused confusion among the citizens of New York State because of the manner in which it was passed and because of the complexity of the law. 

As is typically the case, an existing law was taken, modified and additional portions added.  There is sometimes errors in a new law or oversights that need to be corrected but, not very often since the existing law is modified only slightly and the process takes a very long time.  The NY SAFE Act is slightly different because, due to  the perceived urgency of the writers in putting legislation in place, the time to debate the legislation was shortened from days or months to hours and there is some confusionn as a result.  There are also some potential oversights which also stimulate questions and require clarification. 

Due to the fact that this is such a controversial issue, information on the position of the Wayne County Sheriff is included here for your reference.


Statement of the Position of Wayne County Sheriff Barry C. Virts 

Text of the Legislation

Outline of the Ammunition Provisions

NY State Sheriff's Association Letter to Governor Cuomo

Memo to Exempt Peace Officers

Governor Cuomo's FAQ Website

New York Safe Act 2013 Powerpoint Presentation

New York Safe Act 2013 Powerpoint Presentation Notes

New York Secure Ammuniition and Firearms Act 2013

FAQ from State Police on FOIL Exemption Forms and link to the Exemption Form


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