Jail FAQs

If you have more specific questions, please call 315-946-5714


Below you will find answers to several frequently asked questions regarding the Wayne County Jail.

The jail does answer questions concerning if someone is incarcerated by calling 315-946-5807.

The Wayne County Jail is located at 7368 Route 31, Lyons, NY 14489

Bailing someone out can be done in person or online.

In person:

You must come to the jail lobby with photo identification and payment.

Bail is accepted in the form of cash or credit/debit card or combination of both.

When you arrive at the jail you will be asked for your photo identification, name, address, employer/occupation, phone number and form of payment.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover cards are accepted.

If paying by credit card you will be charged a non-refundable service fee thru GovPayNet who handles the credit card transition.

Only the card holder may use the credit/debit card, no lending of cards will be allowed.


a) Bailing someone out online go to: www.GovPayNow.com

You will need the inmate’s criminal history number, bail amount, date of birth, court or judge, and pay location code (1881). You can obtain this information by calling the Wayne County Jail at 315-946-5807.

The Wayne County jail is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Members of the Office of the Sheriff cannot promote a particular bail company. People are directed to look in the yellow pages or online for a company/bail bondsman.

During the first 24 hours of incarceration, an inmate is allowed a one (1) noncontact visit for a period not to exceed 10 minutes. People are encouraged to call (315-946-5807) prior to this visit to ensure the facility can accommodate the visit at the time of their arrival.

All other visits must be scheduled by making an appointment with the jail receptionist.

You can make a visit by calling the jail receptionist, Monday thru Sunday, 8am until 4pm, excluding major holidays.

For the visitation schedule, restrictions and further details see the Visitation Information Sheet.

Fifty ($50.00) dollars a day maximum will be accepted through the mail in the form of a money order out to the inmate’s name. Personal checks, cash or cashiers/bank checks will not be accepted.

Fifty ($50.00) dollars a day maximum cash can be dropped off at the jail reception, Monday thru Sunday, 8am-4pm, excluding major holidays.

Each inmate may receive, one time only, a set of clean clothing for Trial appearances. This set of clothing may be dropped off at the jail reception between the hours of 8 AM AND 4 PM MONDAY-SUNDAY, excluding major holidays.

Photographs: Each inmate may receive 3 photographs (NO POLAROID PHOTOGRAPHS) per incarceration. Photographs may be picked up prior to release from this facility 30 days after release, extra photographs received will be destroyed.

Paperback books and magazines: (3 at any one time) may be sent to you thru the mail or may be dropped off for you at the reception on Monday – Sunday between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, excluding major holidays. HARDCOVER BOOKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

Paperback books and magazines will become the property of the inmate commissary book carts after you have finished with them. They will not be forwarded to your personal property lockers.


Any type of subscription must be sent to the inmate at P.O. Box 477. This includes newspaper subscriptions. NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL NOT BE FORWARDED TO THE INMATE IF YOU ATTEMPT TO HAVE THEM DELIVERED TO THE COUNTY’S PAPER BOX AT THIS ADDRESS.

Sexually explicit” materials that are received thru the mail WILL BE REVIEWED BY THE CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR or his designee. If they are found to be detrimental to the security, good order, or discipline of the facility or it is determined that they may facilitate criminal activity, an inmate will be notified that they have been received and the inmate will be given the choice of allowing them to be censored or destroyed. Materials that support ethnic or racial bias will be censored or destroyed.

At anytime, an inmate may release his/her property to a designated person. Both the inmate and the person picking up the property must sign a release form.

Any inmate sent to state prison must have their property picked up within 30 days after the transfer to prison. Any unclaimed property after this time frame will be disposed of by the jail staff.

An inmate may call collect to anyone who is willing to accept the charges. These collect calls can be made Monday thru Sunday from 10am until 10pm. ALL INMATE CALLS ARE RECORDED.

Due to HIPPA laws, staff cannot release information that may relate to an inmate’s medical, physical, or mental well-being. The best way to see if an inmate is all right is to write a letter to him.

The medical unit includes a Physician, Nurse Practitioner and two fulltime registered nurses. Mental health services are also provided at the facility. A dentist is on site once a month. All inmates are tested for tuberculosis and optional HIV/AIDS testing is available.

No, the County of Wayne has a smoke free workplace policy.